Download artifacts based on the projectid

Hi all,

is it possible to download all artifacts from all configurations that are placed within a project? I know that I can create artifact dependencies but this is a lot of work and not easy to do for more than over 30 configurations per project.

What I would like to do is give up a projectid and a buildnumber or lastsuccessful.

Does anybody know how I can accomplice that?

Gert Vloo

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You can get the list of project's build configurations IDs using REST API: http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/projects/<projectLocator>. And then download artifacts for all this build configurations using URL patterns: http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/repository/download/<build configuration ID.>/.lastSuccessful.
Or as you suggested create one build configuration which will download using artifact dependency and publish all needed artifacts.


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