Meta runner parameter values containing other parameters cannot be defined

[TeamCity 8.1.3]

I've noticed that sometimes when I use configuration parameters inside the values of meta runner parameters, I am never able to define those parameters from the consuming build step.

For example, see the following snippet of a meta runner:


Note that I'm trying to use the %FILENAME% parameter in both a parameter value (DESTINATION_FILE) and a cSharpRunner block.  After using the meta runner as a build step, TeamCity will never let me define %FILENAME% as long as it exists within the parameter value of DESTINATION_FILE.  However, if I change that instance to %FILENAME_A%, TeamCity then allows me to define both %FILENAME% and %FILENAME_A% separately.  Unfortunately, it does not let me use a single value for both of these parameters.

Is this a limitation of the meta runner, when parameter values contain other parameters?  Or, is the limitation because I'm trying to use the parameter %FILENAME% from within a step (cSharpRunner) and also in a parameter value simultaneously?


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