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We have a bunch projects, communicating and depending on each other through WebServices.

A developer commits a change on project A and B (each project has an own SVN's).
Therefore both need to be deployed at the same moment on day X (due theire dependencies)

In meantime another developer commits a change in project B and C, he is no aware of new changes between A and B .
So on deplyoment day, all 3 need to be deployed!

Currently we are writing down the deployment dependencies on a piece of paper and throw it away after deployment.
Is there something TeamCity that could help?
Maybe some kind of isolated deployment queue, where each dev enques a project for deployment day.


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No, there is no such functionality in TeamCity. In this section you can find how deployment can be configured using TeamCity. Please note that the first step is "Write a build script that will perform the deployment task". So TeamCity can automate deployment, but not implement deployment logic.

Also you can use deployment tools. Unfortunately JetBrains does not provide such kind of tools. Which deployment tool to choose depends on your project. For example, read this good blog post:


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