TeamCity plugin for VS, commit different repositories

Hi all,

In our company, we are using TeamCity plugin for VS to run pre-tested commits and Subversion as VCS.
Our code is separate in two diferent svn repositories.
If we run a pre-tested commit with changes in both repositories, TeamCity runs correctly the remote personal builds we ask for. But, after the successful builds, the commits are not done. More over, it doesn't notify any problem on commiting changes.

Is this a known problem? Are we doing something wrongly?

Thanks in advance.

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Please try to reproduce the issue with logging enabled and attach the resulting logs.

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Hi Alina,

I've done the execution with the TeamCity logs activated.
The logs are explicitly clear:

---> JetBrains.TeamCity.SVN.Errors.SvnDelayedCommitException: svn: E200007: Commit failed (details follow):

svn: E200007: Commit can only commit to a single repository at a time.

Are all targets part of the same working copy?.

Svn has exited with code '1'.

SvnCommitCommand failed

I also attach a file with more logs.

Is there any work around to solve it? Or it's imposible to avoid this problem and we have to be always careful to select files of only one repository?

In the other hand, I'd like to know if there is the possibility to have a pop-up or any other notification system to make the developer know when this kind of problems occur. If not, when developer sees that the personal remote build has suceed in TC he things that the commit is done.

Thank you,

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Hi Oriol,

Thank you for provided logs. I've created the issue, please watch/vote for it. Could you please point out which TC and plug-in version do you use?

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We are using TC 8.1.4 and TC addin 8.1

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Tried and answered.


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