Corrupted NuGet package


I'm building a .net solution that produce ~30 nuget packages. Sometime everything works fine, but unfortunately, from time to time some of packages are corrupted (every time different package(s)).

I discovered this first run into Octopus deploy error:
     Unable to download package:  File contains corrupted data. System.IO.FileFormatException: File contains corrupted data.

Then I tried to download the same broken package directly from TC artifacts list and got zip archive error:

1) WindowsExplorer:

[Window Title]
Compressed (zipped) Folders Error

Windows cannot open the folder.

The Compressed (zipped) Folder 'C:\Users\Anton.Zhilin\AppData\Local\Temp\' is invalid.


2) WinRar: !  
     C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\ Unexpected end of archive

7Zip opens it fine, but anyway, the package should finally work fine with Octopus.

I'm using TC Enterprise 8.1.5 (build 30240).

How to deal with this?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Anton,

How do you create NuGet packages? Do you use TeamCity build-in NuGet Pack build step? If yes, then which NuGet version do you use? Are there any warnings/errors in the build log?


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