How to show only related changes as pending (VCS trigger or VCS checkout rule ones)

Hi All,

We have a build configuration set up with a checkout rule like this

+:/Code =>code

+:/Scripts =>scripts


The problem is that even though there are no changes in /Code or /Scripts files, change is still displayed as Pending (file was changed in /Other/Folder). What I would like to have is TeamCity to display only relevant changes for this build config, to have control over what is displayed as Pending change (say only those changes filtered by VCS Checkout rule or those by VCS Trigger rule). How could this be achieved?

Additional info:

  • This particular build does not have any trigger rules or dependencies
  • I’ve tried few checkout rules here and now even single “-:.” displays same Pending change. Shouldn’t Pending changes be updated after Checkout rules change?
  • We have few configurations with similar problem and it is confusing developers who want to see only relevant changes to particular build configuration (not everything that changed in Git since last build)
  • Version: TeamCity Enterprise 8.0 (build 27402)


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Do you use server- or agent-side checkout mode? Could you please attach screenshots with your checkout rules and incorrect pending change? Also please attach teamcity-vcs.log file.

>Shouldn’t Pending changes be updated after Checkout rules change?
We have the related issue, please watch/vote for it. See the suggested workaround.


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