VCS Checkout Rules - one subfolder only

I'm trying to checkout a single subfolder from TFS, but can't find the right checkout rules to get it working and could use some guidance.

I have a source tree that looks something like this:

  |- Foo
  |- Bar
  `- Test
      |- Black
      |- White
      |- Green
      `- TestData

I want to checkout all of Source, but for the Source\Test folder, I only want the TestData subfolder (Black, White and Green have a bunch of giant files that I want to avoid downloading).

I tried this for the checkout rules:

But that ended up excluding the Test folder altogether.

Is there a way to checkout just the TestData folder from under Test without checking out the other subfolders?

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Hi John,

Which TeamCity version do you use? We have the related issue, which has been already fixed. Please try to upgrade to 9.0 EAP2 version.


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