Archive state is ignored when copying project with archived sub-projects, is this intended behavior?

When you copy a project that has one or more archived sub-projects, the copied version of the project has previously archived sub-project listed as no longer archived. The previously archived projects/builds are whoever paused.
We first noticed this behavior with 8.1.2, but I just confirmed it to behave the same in 9.0 EAP2

Is this behavior intentional? (or a is this a bug?)

I would guess no, as I would say the behavior should either be:
- don't copy archived project, as they're in a virtual deleted state
- or do copy them, but keep them in an archived state

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It works by design. The project is archived by some user, at some point, with some comment. So it is not correctly enough to copy the archived state of the project. We have the closed issue If you do not agree with such behavior please feel free to create new request in our tracker.


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