Set build parameters based on a single option


I have a build configuration that requires 2 perameters to be set and a branch to be selected. These are the following

Build configuration: Debug | Release
Environment: Development | Staging
Build Branch (from changes tab)

Ideally what i would like, is to only select the Environment. and the other two to be automatically assigned based on the environment selection.

Something like
Environment Development: Debug | Branch-develop
Environment Staging: Release | Branch-master

This way, every time a build is run, only one dropdown will need to be selected, and there is no posibility for a wrong combination (e.g development environment with release confiuration from master branch! We don't want that!)

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

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Hi Nick,

We have the related issue, vore for it or feel free to create new one.
A current workaround is to add an extra first build step which will have logic like:

if ( equals "my_special_branch_name"){
   print ##teamcity[setParameter name='parameter1' value='special_value1']
   print ##teamcity[setParameter name='parameter2' value='special_value2']

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Thank you very much!


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