please help on teamcity issue!!!

1.does teamcity support build same agent pool for build chain? teamcity artifact dependency(like a.jar created in box A) used as maven project dependency(like maven project b depent on a.jar in box B)?

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1. It is not possible to assign build chain to an agent pool. You can assign projects or use Agent Requirements for build configurations from one chain. Also see how to Assigning Build Configurations to Specific Build Agents.
2. TeamCity acts as an Ivy repository. You can use ivy-maven-plugin to add apache Ivy dependencies to a Maven project. Here is the related blog post: Also please watch/vote for the related feature You can use “Use own local repository for this build configuration” option to isolate this build configuration's artifacts repository from other local repositories.

> let's be clearly about this, we expect the build time for our trunk should be compile all moudles time + the longest sub module test time(the test case for different module should run in parallel on different agents)  forpersonal build, which may help speed up our checkin time
It is not possible in TeamCity now. We have the related feature request As for now you can use the ability of Testing Framework to run tests in parallel.

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