Cryptic/Unuseful "VCS Root" under Version Control Settings

When looking at project settings, I can't seem to track down sources that have been used in this build.

In typical scenario, you work in big company and navigate between bug tracker, source control and continuous build system. TeamCity makes it unnecessary difficult or impossible to even guess where the sources are:

VCS Root Checkout Rules
(jetbrains.git) Foo (foo-bar) belongs to Foo :: Bar not specified

(see a screenshot attached, all real names got blurred). I expect to see something like this: the sources are in Git repository at

Is it a bug or a feature? I can see repository allright when I have admin permissions, but looks like I ought to be able to see repository with a lower permission level as well.

Could my local admins be ones to blame?

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Hi Peter,

It is a feature. The VCS roots are visible for admins and project developers, while they are not visible for project viewers. To be able to see VCS roots user should have role with permission "View build configuration settings". For more details please read
If you think that VCS root name in UI is not user-friendly and should be improved then please create an issue in our tracker.

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thank you for the explanation. I guess that for certain teams it makes sense to keep VCS details open to whoever can watch build log or do similar things (project viewer role). Those teams prefer to keep most of their repositories open (within their LAN), so it doesn't make a lot of sense to hide branch names etc.

To facilitate this, the openness of its VCS details could become a property of a project/configuration. Does this sound as a proper issue?

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You can configure roles for users/groups per project and also you can add permissions for Project viewer role to see VCS details. Also we have the feature request to configure permissions per build configurations, please watch/vote for it.
As far as I understand the approach that you suggest will duplicate the exciting functionality.

One more related feature request -, please vote if it is what you need.

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