Duplicate finder: Question about file path


I am relatively new to TeamCity Server. I am checking out the Build Step Options and I found the Duplicates Finder (.NET).

After running the project I get a result. But in detailsview I get the following error:
"File with relative path "src/GlauxSoft.Test.CommonTest/AbgabeTest.cs" is not found in the latest revision of the VCS root."

The problem is that the path should start with "Src/...." if this is case-sensitive. I tried to recreate the VCS root but it did not work.

I wonder where the duplicate finder gets this path from.

Settings Duplicate Finder:
Include: Src/GlauxSoft.Test.Main.sln
Exclude:      **/*.Designer.vb

How do I resolve this issue?


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Hi Daniel,

> I wonder where the duplicate finder gets this path from.

Visual Studio solution files are parsed and replaced by all source files from all projects within a solution. Could you please check your .csproj file? Do you have "src/GlauxSoft.Test.CommonTest/AbgabeTest.cs" line in it?

Also please turn on debug output (advanced option) in runner settings and check dupfinder-report-*.xml, published as hidden artifact during build. All duplicates found by Duplicate Finder are listed in this xml file.

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Also please point out which type of VCS do you use?

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Hi Alina,
I am using Subversion with Working format 1.7.

The .csproj-File does not include any file path like "src\..." and I now checked also the dupfinder-report.xml. The XML-Element "FileName" is always written with "Src\" and not with "src\".

        <OffsetRange Start="37546" End="37749" />
        <LineRange Start="780" End="780" />
        <Text>{ Session.Directory.get_AttrDescriptor(myConst.Zusatzabgabe.CLASSNAME, myConst.Zusatzabgabe.ATTR_REFABGABE).ID, Session.Directory.get_AttrDescriptor(myConst.Abgabe.CLASSNAME, myConst.Abgabe.ATTR_ID).ID }</Text>

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for provided details. It seems that it's a bug, I've created an issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-38989. Please watch/vote for it.
Also please point out which TC version do you use?


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