Can I check if branch was updated with Maven and TeamCity?

Given I have a master (trunk) branch. Sometimes I make releases by branching it as a release branch. In fact I have several branches like that one. The releases are made if there are any changes in that branches since last release.

What I want is to obtain at some moment notification if I need to make a release of my branch because new commits were added. If not I will not make a release.

Ideally, I would prefer to see a separate TeamCity project to run some task and send me email with the names of the branches to be released. I would like to obtain it every Friday, for example, or at least produce this notification by manually running that TeamCity reporting task. A slightly worse option is to do it locally by running some Maven plugin.

Is it possible?

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Hi Dmitry,

I think you can create script in separate TeamCity build configuration, which checks if there were changes using REST API, and sends notifications if needed. For example:



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