Hiding or clearing "Failed to start build" errors from other branches

On the project overview page I'm getting "failed to start build" errors showing, even if the failed build was not on the branch I've filtered for and the most recent build on my branch is green. This error appears in pretty typical circumstances such as a snapshot dependency failing, and is very misleading as it isn't until you click through the details and view the build result that you can see it's not for the branch you're looking at. Interestingly the errors don't show on the home page which shows all projects, just the overview when you click a project.

Is there a way to only show these warnings on the affected branches? I've seen posts on here that suggest restarting TeamCity to clear them out but that didn't help, or deleting the builds but that's additional overhead for a relatively common occurrence.

Running TeamCity 8.1.5, screenshot attached.

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This behaviour seems to be limited to builds within sub-projects when viewed from the project overview pages.

I have a project with some sub-projects:

  • On the homepage the errors only show for the selected branch, as expected.
  • Clicking on the project name gives me the project overview, errors show regardless of the branch.
  • Clicking on a sub-project gives me the sub-project overview, errors only show for the selected branch, as expected.
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Hi Richard,

The issue was fixed in TeamCity 9.0 version. Please upgrade to the latest version.

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Great, thanks very much


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