Adding message to TeamCity's build status while keeping previous values

I'm trying to add a message to TeamCity's build status from a script, while also keeping previous addings from other scripts.

I know about

, but with that I can only take what TeamCity itself computed via

and append/prepend text. I cannot append/prepend to whatever was there before.

> magic append >
Something, Foo: 10
> magic append >
Something, Foo: 10, Bar: 11

So far I can only think of generating
which is little bit overkill for scripts given you have to parse it (if already exists), modify and then store again. Maybe there's easier way.
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Hi Jiri,

There is no option to create cumulative build status now in TeamCity. We have a related issue in our tracker -, please watch/vote for it.

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OK, so the only possible solution is to switch to full blown teamcity-info.xml.


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