TeamCity: Cannot load current state for VCS root

I found tons of this type of messages in teamcity-vcs.log. The connection refused because I shutdown the git httpd, because my account gets locked due to an old password. My question is: what TeamCity is doing here? Why it need to send request to VCS all the time?

[2014-12-16 15:02:37,508]   INFO [ical executor 5] -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Cannot load current state for VCS root '"web-app" {instance id=11, parent internal id=1, parent id=webapp, description: ""}', id=11: List remote refs failed: Connection refused: connect


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Hi Jirong,

TeamCity polls the VCS repository for VCS changes, for example to trigger builds. For more details please read about VCS checking interval (could be configured globally or per VCS root).


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