Assembly Info Patcher - change order


I was hoping to do the following, but i'm not sure how to go about in it TeamCity

I would like Team City to read the Assembly Version out of the assembly info.cs but keep the major / minor / patch version and only increment the build part.

I could do this with a manual step using some custom code, but that means i can't use the assembly info patcher as this runs before any build steps.

is it possible to change the order of the patcher (to run after my custom build step)?

Any other solutions?  I was hoping i could create a template for the 20+ solutions we have here at work.

I used to do this in CC, but can't seem to reproduce the behaviour in team city.

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Hi Gautam,

There is no way to change order now. Please see and vote for the related feature request TW-20475.
Instead of build step you can create new build configuration, from which your current build configuration will snapshot-depend from. You can pass needed property as %deb.btID.<property>%, where btID is the build configuration ID of the new configuration.

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thanks, that's what i've done for now

I was hoping to template these however which means i'd have to do this for every one of my builds (20+) and setup the dependencies... any advice on a quicker way?  can the btID be specified as a parameter somehow?


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