TeamCity connection to TFS Online repository

I'm attempting to setup a TeamCity project on our build server. Our VCS repository is on I set the correct URL with a valid username/password. but, i keep getting "TF30063: You are not authorized to access https://<OUR VS ONLINE URL>/DefaultCollection/". I know the URL, username, and password are correct. I use it every day to access the code from withing VS. I have even used other username/passwords of other developers on the team and none work. My repository is currently set to:
https://<OUR VS ONLINE URL>/DefaultCollection/$/IRM.

I've also tried https://<OUR VS ONLINE URL>/DefaultCollection/$/ and https://<OUR VS ONLINE URL>/DefaultCollection but I get the message "Cannot create a project using the specified URL. The URL is not recognized."

I have no clue what to try at this point.  Any suggestions?


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Hi Scott,

Have you enabled alternate VS Online credentials? Please follow steps described in this blog post.


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