Notification emails not being sent most of the time


Using TeamCity 9.0.1 here, running on centos 7. All build configs are a few command line steps, with git as a vcs. I'm stumped about the notifications behavior.

I've setup SMTP properly and the test email is sent just fine. I'm experimenting with failing builds trying to get notification emails, but most of the time (not all!) they are not being sent. I turned on debug logs for notification, checked the logs and most of the time it just says: "Selected 0 users with matching notification rules". When I do receive an email, the log says that it matched a user.

I tried playing around with the rules adding even a rule that for every event (build start, fail, first failure, etc.) it will send an email and still - no emails! I placed that rule first in the list.
Screenshot of my settings:


Please tell me I'm missing something, or this is a bug in TeamCity...


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Hi Phil,

Please check that the emails do not fall in spam or are filtered out somehow? For notification rule "Builds with my changes" please check that the VCS username settings of the user is correct?
If this is not the case then please provide an exact example of build for which notification has not been sent and attach teamcity-notification.log file in debug mode.


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