P4PASSWD invalid or unset or how to properly set up perforce on teamcity

I was trying to set up perforce as vcs root for one of build configurations without luck. Each time I click "Test Connection" it gaves me following error:

Connection failed!
Test connection failed in MY_PROJECT_NAME :: MY_CONFIG_NAME
Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset.

My Teamcity version is: 9.0.1
P4 Connection Settings
Port*: perforce-server-name:1666
Stream*: //my-depot/my-stream
Username: my_user_name
Password: my_password
Path to P4 executable: p4
You can find TeamCity vcs logs in attachment.
I didn't set up p4 enviroment variables as I expect that teamcity can do it for me.

Please help :)


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