Unit testing Windows 8 Windows Runtime Component with TeamCity

I'm not a windows 8 developer so excuse any stupid questions.

I have a Windows 8.1 application built in Visual Studio 2013 via a .sln file. This contains a number of projects: there is an application that relies on a library, this library (call it datalib) is built as a Windows Runtime Component (not a DLL);
there is also a test project which runs tests against 'datalib'

All of this works fine in VS2013.

I've been tasked with creating a TeamCity build for this.

I have the project building against the sln file but I can't get the tests to execute (they're MSTest tests).

In my configuration I've added the test.dll (in the 'include assembly files list') but when I add this on it's own then I get a bunch of errors around references to types in the 'datalib'

The 'datalib' is built into datalib.winmd (I'm assuming this is the binary) so I thought that including this in the assembly list would fix my problem, but it doesn't

I assume I'm missing something simple, what is it?



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