JacocoReport service message in TC9 from Gradle

Hi all,

I'm trying to get TeamCity 9 to recognize the jacocoReport service message in order to add code coverage details to the build, but haven't had any luck as of yet.  I'm outputting the service message from Gradle (logging as a lifecycle message like was being done here).

This is the output that I see in my build log:

[01:42:50] :           [:app:build] ##teamcity[jacocoReport dataPath='app/build/jacoco/test.exec app/build/jacoco/integrationTest.exec' includes='app.*' sources='app/src/main/resources app/src/main/java app/src/main/groovy' classpath='+:app/build/classes/main/**'

Is there anything clearly wrong with the above? I'm not sure where I could look for failures in parsing the above message, or if the way that I'm sending it to standard out prevents it from being read.

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My error. I was missing the closing ']' from the service message, and now its working fine. Leaving question as documentation.


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