Problem running MSTest with multiple assemblies

I have a TeamCity Build Template in which I define an MSTest Build Step.

In the MSTest Build Step, I define 2 configuration parameters for each of the assemblies that I am including on a newline to run against the MSTest Build Runner.

I then override these Configuration Parameter values in my Build Configurations and then execute my Builds.

However, I have noticed that the MSTest Build Runner is consistently ignoring the 1st line in my list of assemblies and only executing the 2nd line.

I have attached a screenshot of my Build Configuration.

How do I get the MSTest Build Runner to recognize both of my assemblies for my MSTest Build Runner rather than just the 2nd line of my list of assemblies?

Please advise.


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Maybe it's a problem with a line break?

We have the configuration as shown in the attached screenshots.

build Configuration -- TeamCity.png
build Configuration.png
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I am not sure why it is occurring, but I took a look and one of my build configurations that is not overriding my build template is working correctly (just taking the Configuration Parameters directly from the original Build Template).

However, in the Build Configuration that is overriding the configuration parameters from the Build Template, it is not working correctly.

Could it be some anomaly that arises from inheriting from the Build Template?

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It looks like there was an extra space at the end of one of my configuration parameters that was causing a problem with the TeamCity build.  Once I deleted the extra spaces at the end, it resolved the issue.


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