Build step commit to repo w/ uploaded ssh key

We changed over to useing "uploaded ssh keys" recently, and build steps that commit changes made by the build step, back to the Git repo nolonger work, I have played with the "Auto Merge" build feature. but have not been able to get it to do what I need.

in the past the build step did the following:

REM Add files to version control
git add file1
git add file2
git commit -am "automated commit of ...."
git push origin

Does anyone have a solution that will work?

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Hi James,

The uploaded ssh key is used by VCS roots which refer to it. While it is not used by git commands in command line. Please read about SSH Key Managment.
If you want to run git commands in TeamCity build step, then you should be able to run the same command via command line in the same working directory not using TeamCity.


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