Error message from p4 sync in agent checkout


I have an TeamCity 9.0.1 agent running from the command line on Windows 7. I see this warming at the start of every build on that agent in the output window:

[2015-01-21 06:47:56,737]   WARN - ains.buildServer.StreamGobbler - Too large output was read from the stream (10489548 bytes), ignore the rest: p4 -c TC_p4_OBFUSCATED_f6482d2686dbf7b3_a5b43262994e196d -u obfuscated -p p4server:1667 sync @351571

The builds that run on that agent use agent-side Perforce checkout. I tried setting teamcity.perforce.max.accepted.output.bytes=20000000 in and restarting the server, but that did not help (probably because this is a server-side setting?).

1. Is the warning an indicator that the sync is not completing?
2. What can I do to make it go away?


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Hello Oleg,

  p4 sync command completes successfully, no need to worry there. This warning is harmless in this place.

  To avoid it, add -q key as an additional parameter to p4 sync option in VCS Root settings (there is a field for this since TeamCity 9.0)

  Hope this helps,

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Great! Thanks very much.


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