Error copying files from successful build using command line or artifact

Hi all,

I have built a new server with TeamCity v9.0. I am having difficulty trying to copy the build output to a mapped network drive


My build steps are as follows:
  1. Get latest version from TFS online.
  2. Build using MSBuild
  3. Run NUnit tests
  4. Copy two folders (Web and ServiceLayer) to a mapped network drive

Attempted but can not get working:

  1. Created a final build step with the following
    Command Line

xcopy\ServiceLayer\ D:\ServiceLayer\ /S /Y
xcopy\Web\ D:\Web\ /S /Y


Step 4/5: Copy build output to web and api on staging (Command Line)
teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:firstStepPreparation' value='70.0']
teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:buildStepRUNNER_8' value='0.0'] Starting:
in directory: D:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\3b1161c630069aad 0 File(s)
copied Invalid path Process exited with code 4
teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:buildStepRUNNER_8' value='194.0'] Step Copy
build output to web and api on staging (Command Line) failed

  1. Created an artifact path

    ServiceLayer => d:\Temp\


Failed to publish artifacts: Failed to upload artifact, due to error: Failed to create directory:
"C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity\system\artifacts\ChannelOptimiser40\CO40 Build Config\224\d:\Temp"

Can someone please tell me how I can copy my

folders to another directory when the build completes?
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Please check that the user that TC agent is running under has an access to the required environment, such as mapped drive, etc.

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Hi Sergey,

I am running TeamCity from a Microsoft Windows Server 2012, so would the following steps be correct:

  1. Change the Windows Service (TeamCity Build Agent)
  2. Use the Administrator account in "Log On" properties window of that service.
  3. Restart the TeamCity Build Agent Service

Thanks in advance

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As far as I remember, mapped drive is only valid within user session. I think you need to create a persistent mapping, as suggested here: Or if you map drive to folder, there is another (but similar) procedure.

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Thanks for the help Sergey.

I used the UNC path and changed the account that runs the Windows Service.

The files are now being copied to the directory.


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