odd state after enabling Synchronization in Versioned Settings

I just upgraded to TC 9.0.1.

I then went to Edit Project Settings -> Versioned Settings and selected Synchronization enabled (for the first time) and the Git repo of the project

This caused 11 files to be commited into the repo all starting with .teamcity/<project name>/...

But now when I do a git status it lists these files as deleted. They are, as there is no .teamcity project in the project folder.

Should I create them? Should I check out that branch which would create them? Is this expected behaviour?


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Hi, in what directory do you run git status?

TC commits files to git repository you've provided, not to working copies. If you'd like to make the directory status match the repository, just run git checkout .

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Thanks, that makes sense. Just wanted to be sure.


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