Upgraded to 8.1.1 from 8.0.5 and now get 'TeamCity has failed to start'??

I just upgrade from v8.0.5 to v8.1.1 and now the URL <http://localhost:8080/mnt> gives me the error message:

   TeamCity server startup error

This is the first upgrade I have done with TeamCity, since I installed this the first time.
I have no idea what to do with this message.

I have tried un-installing and reinstalling but still get the same issue??

Help is greatly welcome at this point to get this working again.
Don't want to go back to manually building projects. :-)

Rest of HTML Page:

Current Startup State

Startup status

Current step: TeamCity server startup error
Next step:                  not defined yet

Data Directory

Directory path: C:\TeamCity exists
Database properties file not found
Internal database file: not found


Not connected to the database yet.


Software version: 658
Data directory version: unknown
Database version: unknown


Logs path: C:\TeamCity\logs

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Turns out that the System Environment Setting 'TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH' needed to be updated to point to 'C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity' to correctly pick up the database.

After the upgrading the database all seems well now.

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you should delete the registry image and re-installed it;


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