versioned settings : does this enable different behaviors per branch ?

In the team where I am working, we want to migrate a Git based project from JDK 6 to JDK 8.
We have a lot of feature branches, so a few days after starting the migration we could have 10 feature branches requiring JDK 8 and 20 feature branches requiring JDK 6.
I would like to set JAVA_HOME to the JAVA 8 home for the branches requiring JKD8, and to the JAVA 6 home for the branches requiring JDK 6

I would like to find out whether the versioned settings feature introduced in TeamCity 9 allows to have different behaviors per branch.

There could be also a lot of use cases for having different build steps depending on the branch.

This is not stated clearly in the documentation.

I saw this bug report which seems to indicate that there is a specific branch "teamcity" which gets created in Git to store the settings, which means a no to my question.

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during the webinar presenting TC9, I asked if the versionized settings support several branches, and the answer was "Not yet".
In your case, maybe you can solve this by adding a simple build step upfront in the build configuration that sets JAVA_HOME depending on the branch name.

My 2ct :)


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Hi Antoine,

Branch specific configuration parameters are not supported in TeamCity 9. Please watch and vote for the related feature request.
You can use approach suggested by Olivier or create different build configurations for branches with require JKD8 and JDK 6 using templates.


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