Teamcity fails build with error BC30007

I am trying to automate building a .NET MVC Application with Jetbrains TeamCity 9
Lets say I have the following Project structure:

    • Externals.Default.Enum
  • Website
  • Website.Core
  • Website.Enum

Website.Enums contains a Class that Inherits from Externals.Default.Enum Enum Class.
In Website.Core I got a reference to Website.Enum. I have no problem with compiling or starting the Mvc Application with Visual Studio 2013. But if I trigger the TeamCity Build I get the following error:
Website.Core\Utils.vb(2, 9): error BC30007: Es ist ein Verweis auf die Assembly "Externals.Default.Enum, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" erforderlich, die die Basisklasse "Externals.Default.Enum" enthält. Fügen Sie dem Projekt einen Verweis hinzu.
English: "Reference required to assembly '' containing the base class ''"
I know that I could simply add the project reference "Externals.Default.Enum" to "Website.Core", but is this really necessary? Visual Studio seems to recognize this without problem.

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Hi Christoph,

Please try to run the same build on the same machine as the TeamCity agent and under the same user that the agent is running (follow steps described in this doc section).  Does it build successfully?


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