TeamCity Crowd Plugin

Hi guys
For those of you who needed a plugin to integrate TeamCity with Atlassian Crowd, there is the one I've just released.
Happy to get feedback. I can say that my team is using this plugin succesfully.

Short blog post:

Plugin code:

Happy usage :)


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That are great news! Thank you for the effort.
I've updated our plugins list to include the plugin.

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hi,It will log in used crowd user with your plugins,but how to realize SSO server ?Do you have some other plugins? Hope give me some help, thanks!

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Hi Yegor,

Hi Jetbrains,


We are interested in authenticating Teamcity users with crowd. I was looking around and there doesnt seem to be much info on the plugin functionality with teamcity 10.x , 2017.x.

Do you please have any experience ? Perhaps someone of you heard something from your users?


Are there any other ways how to achieve the goal today you know of please ?


Thank you in advance and,

Best Regards,

Adam Dedek

Teamcity administration  @ Commerzsystems \ Commerzbank


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