How to deploy different Platforms properly ( e.g iOS & Android )

Hello everybody,

I´m working with Teamcity for quite a while now and I have a Project that is deployed to diffrent Platforms in this case : iOS, Android, Windows and Mac - all from the same source, but with slightly diffrent build steps and parameters

So at the moment I have 4 Buildconfigurations called : Test_Platform. Each one of them inherites from the same template and builds the specific platform.
I use Autoincrementer to keep the Buildnumbers in sync.

What I need now is a Production configuration that build all 4 Configurations with one buildnumber. ( Follwing the common google pattern 10#BUILDNUMBER=paltform1, 20#BUILDNUMBER=platform2 etc. )
What is the best practice for that ?

What I could do is:
Copy the Template in a new Config, duplicate it 4 times and voila.

This will do the trick but has two big downsides:
1. If you change the Template - you have to change it by hand in the duplicates
2. 4 Builds have to run in a sequal instead of parallel

I could use snap-shot or artifact dependency, but:
1. This will not force a new build
2. The 4 artifacts wont have the same buildnumber ( crucial point )

Any ideas or tutorials are highly appriciated

Thanks for your help

Friedrich Wessel

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Hi Friedrich,

The recommended approach is to configure a separate build configuration for each target environment (based on template) and use snapshot and artifacts dependencies. Please see the related section in the documentation.
In this case you can share build number for builds in chain.

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Thanks a lot - thats what I was looking for !


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