Run build on same agent without triggering dependency build

Hello.  I am setting up a build configuration (B) that has something like a dependency on another build configuration (A).  The requirement is that B runs on the same agent as the last finished build on A.  This is normally done through Snapshot Dependencies and the "Run build on the same agent" option.  However, I do not want running B to cause a new build of A to trigger.  The "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one" option doesn't work for me because TeamCity often concludes that these builds aren't "suitable".  I don't care about suitability, though; I just want B to run on the same agent as the last run of A.  The desired behavior is closer to the Artifact Dependency option for "Get artifacts from: Last finished build", except I don't have artifacts; just this same agent requirement.

Is there any way to get this behavior from TeamCity?  I am using TeamCity 8.0.4.


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Hi Kyle,

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? Why do you need to run two builds on the same agent?
Now it is not possible to configure snapshot dependency not to run new build if there is no suitable one. Please watch/vote for the related feature request


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