Teamcity dependency jobs

        I am trying to set up a dummy build configuration which does nothing apart from building other projects (build configurations) in Teamcity. I have 4 build configurations which are getting built perfectly fine without any issues. All these 4 build configurations are actually from 3 different SVN repositories

looks like the below structure.

1. build configuraiton A -
2. build configuraiton B -
3. build configuraiton C -
4. build configuraiton D -

I would like to create a dummy build configuration and make sure that, when I run this dummy build, it should build all the builds from A to D. How can i achieve this ? I know about snapshot dependency, but I heard that all the build configurations should be from same svn repo... I might be wrong, please correct me..

For your information, I am using TeamCity Professional 8.1.4 (build 30168) and recently started using teamcity since a month.

Thanks a lot,

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