Artifact dependencies with dynamic build number

I'm currently working on a project where we use the Git Flow branching model and my TeamCity setup consists of two build configurations:

  • Development Continous build configuration: Triggered for develop-branch and features branches by VCS Trigger
  • Release build configuration: Trigger for release-branches by VCS Trigger

The release build configurations use artifact dependencies to resolve the dlls of libraries. In this scenario it is possible, that different release-branches have a dependency on different versions of a certain library (which is configured as artifact dependency). To support this I had the idea to parse the version number (corresponds to the TeamCity build number), which is saved in a file in my working copy, in my buildscript and set a parameter via Service Messages, which I wanted to use as build number specification in my artifact dependency. Unfortunately the artifact dependency is resolved before any build steps are executed and therefore my buildscript can't run before it.

Are there any alternative approaches to solve my problem, where I can use the version number information in the file, that is checked in, in my working copy?

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Hi Matthias,

The recommended approach is to use package manager, for example NuGet. TeamCity integrates with NuGet package manager and can be used as NuGet Server.
Please find more info in the dicumentation:


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