Git - checkout via ssh even if submodule is "linked" via https


I'm currently evaluating TeamCity and have a problem with checking out projects out of our git repository. I want TeamCity to use a ssh-key, but most ouf our developers prefer https-logins with username/password.

That is no problem for the main repository, but we also use submodules and there is the login method defined in it. We use https-login there  so that every developer can access the code we use (every "human" developer has at least a http-login, some also use ssh).
So if TeamCity only uses ssh it fails to checkout the code.

I don't want to use http-login for TeamCity - is there another way to rewrite(?) the http-login that is defined in the submodule?


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Hi Stefan,

I think you can try to use the relative URL in .gitmodules, see the related blog post. However there is the issue for the case of agent-side checkout -


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