teamcity goes to an infinite loop with xctest

I have an Xcode Project with these build steps:

Path to the project: src/xcode/StorgridCocoaCommon/StorgridCocoaCommon.xcodeproj
Scheme: StorgridCocoaCommon.framework, Run tests
Execute: If all previous steps finished successfully

Using TeamCity Professional 9.0.2 (build 32195), the build process infinitely goes on and needs to be manually killed at

[StorgridCocoaCommonTests (BUILD)] Touch (running for 24s)
[15:21:56][Touch] Touch /Users/storgrid/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/StorgridCocoaCommon-hglppskyzzcvpxekjlvsgtqeezzi/Build/Products/Debug/StorgridCocoaCommonTests.xctest
[15:21:56][Touch] cd /Users/storgrid/Desktop/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/c2b9a8e0ab28d366/src/xcode/StorgridCocoaCommon
[15:21:56][Touch] /usr/bin/touch -c /Users/storgrid/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/StorgridCocoaCommon-hglppskyzzcvpxekjlvsgtqeezzi/Build/Products/Debug/StorgridCocoaCommonTests.xctest

How do I fix this, and where this error is coming from at all?
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Hi Gabor,

A build log is an enhanced console output of a build.
Please check that the build runs fine on the same machine as the TeamCity agent and under the same user that the agent is running, with the same environment variables and in the same working directory. See the related doc section.
If build runs successfully from command line but not from TeamCity, then please create a new issue in our tracker detailing the case. Please attach all the build step settings, the build log and all agent logs covering the build.


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