Get parameters from multiple build to one snapshot dependent build

In Teamcity 9.0.1 I have several builds, which ends up on similar steps, but with different parameters.
In fact, those are servicing steps, not needed by a build to conclude, that build is ok, but they are needed for service, so, currently, they are just running and consuming time.
What I am trying to reach - is move those steps to completely separate build, and invoke it on successful build end trigger. However, I could not figure out - how to pass changes parameters to these newly created build?
Snapshot dependency does not give me level of control I would like to have, as it requires me to define dependency parameters from specific build id, instead of reading them from build, which just ends.
Using artifact dependency by downloading .teamcity/properties/build.finish.gz!** fails with error:
Unknown archive type
and, actually, will oblige me to create additional xml parser

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Hi Anton,

The recommended approach is to create several separate build chains with snapshot dependencies. For example: Build_A > Test_A, Build_B > Test_B, where Test_A and Test_B are based on one template.


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