NCover 5 support in TeamCity 9

I'm setting up a new build server and I'm having a little trouble getting TeamCity to recognize NCover 5.  Is this supported? The folks at NCover advised me to run the NCover command as a command line step but I wasn't able to get TeamCity to recognize the report.

This article mentions that I can manually import the results with a service message:

but TeamCity says "ncover" isn't a recognized report type.

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Hi Jake,

NCover 5 is not supported by TeamCity yet. I've created the feature request, please vote for it.
The service message should be like this: ##teamcity[dotNetCoverage ncover3_home='The path to the NCover3 installation directory'].

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Done. I ended up just installing NCover 3 for now to avoid this and use the native support as I couldn't get the manual setup to work.  Thanks for following up on this!


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