Email notifications not being sent

I have set up email notifications in TeamCity 9.0.2 and tested it with the email address of my user.
That does work fine, I receive the test emall from TeamCity server.

However, I do not receive any emails when my builds fail. Additionally to the default email notification rules I have added another rule for the <Root Project> if either a build fails or if a build is probably hanging. In neither of these cases I get any email, regardless of any build configuration and whether it is my VCS commit that triggered the build or some else's.

Any ideas what I might need to do?

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Please check that email address and VCS username for your user account are configured correctly? If everything configured correctly, then please check temacity-notification.log for errors.

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Well, after restarting the TeamCity server emails are being sent again (I haven't changed any settings though).


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