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Hi there,

Has anyone seen unexpected behaviour with checkbox parameters? Let's say I have a parameter full_or_empty and I want the values to be "full" if checked and "" if unchecked. That gives me the following spec:

checkbox checkedValue='full' display='normal'

If I don't set the build configuration value then full_or_empty appears unchecked in run parameters and it works fine (checked gives me "full" and unchecked gives me "" in the build output).

However, if I set the build configuration value to "full" then although full_or_empty appears checked in run parameters the actual value passed to the build is "full" even if I uncheck it.

Is this expected? Should I be doing things different to achieve what I want? (tried this on 8.1.5 and 9.0.2 - same issue)


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Hi Michael,

It's a known usability problem, please watch and vote for the related issue

Just a clarification on how this works now depending on the build triggering way:
- build is triggered by automatic trigger or by clicking on the Run button without custom run build dialog -> default value is used
- build is triggered via custom run build dialog without changing anything -> unchecked value is used (if not empty), if empty - default value is used
- build is triggered via custom run build dialog with checking the checkbox -> checked value is used (if not empty),  value "true" is used if checked value is empty

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