Best way to copy third party files/dlls, etc for building an install

I have a build that uses WiX  (Windows Installer XML) to build an MSI as a final build step.

In addition to copying dependency artifacts from other builds, I also have a variety of third party files (dlls and other kinds of files) that aren't "generated", but rather just live in a folder on one or other of the build machines that I also want to include in the MSI install.

What I've done before is to create build steps that use some powershell code that copies these files into the proper destination before creating the MSI, that works well enough, but I'm not crazy about having to tweak the powershell scripts when things change.

What I've wondered about is just whether should just create a "build" that simply exports these various third party files as artifacts then my install step could simply pull these files into the install like it would other artifacts that we actually build.

Sorry if this sounds like a dense or obvious question. I'm just trying to get a feel for what the "right" was is to handle this.


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For this purpose, there are many possibilities. On the one hand, a package management (NuGet, Artifactory, ...). We use the version control system for smaller binaries (<50MB) which change infrequently. These binaries are integrated with (subversion) external references.
But there are certainly many other variants.

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thanks. I will look into some of the other tools.


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