Creating .MSI files - How to create installer after successful build?

First off, I think (and many others as well) ReSharper is the best productivity tool out there! ;)

Now I'm using TeamCity and am totally excited abou this tool as well! Definitely nice! My question is:

How can I create .MSI files so people can download and install on their own the .DLLs that are created from the build? So far, my builds have been successful and it seems from the documentation that I am able to create installers via the feature called Artifacts, but don't know where to go from there.

FYI - I have a VS 2005 SLN file that compiles 5 projects, and thus 5 DLLs are produced. I would like these 5 DLLs packaged in an MSI package.

Any assistance/tips you can send my way will be greatly appreciated!

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My understanding is that TC doesn't have any built in mechanism to create installers. You can however create a MSI project using Visual Studio and include that project in your configuration.

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As Ray correctly noted, TeamCity does not provide means for creating installers. It is usually more convenient to implement installer building logic into your build script and then provide the results as TeamCity artifacts.

Artifacts are just files that are the result of the build: they are available form the server and can be downloaded by TeamCity users.

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I realize this is an ancient question.... I've used Windows Installer XML Toolset (Wix) to generate MSI installs from TC.


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