Create a build request from task branch

We're trying to set up our build system using TeamCity with the  Plastic SCM plug-in.
What we want to do is have a developer trigger a build request for their branch. When the request is triggered it will attempt to merge from their branch into our main branch, build and commit if successful. Is this possible?


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Hi Nick,

Plactic SCM is a third-party plugin. So I would suggest to contact PlacticSCM support for more details.
If it detects changes the same way as bundled TeamCity plugins (for example SVN, Git, so on) then you can configure VCS trigger to start a new build each time TeamCity detects new changes.
You can create additional command line build steps which merge and commit changes into the VCS root if build is successful.
There is a build-in Auto Merge feature for Git and Mercurial in TeamCity. Also you could be interested in Remote run and Pre-Tested commit features, but all of them are for the bundled VCSs. Probably PlasticSCM developers can provide you more info.


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