Versioned settings in a branch other than master?

Is it possible to configure which branch TeamCity will push its versioned settings to? Versioned settings is a great new feature that I am certain we will want to use, but I think some flexibility is needed here as to which branch the settings are pushed to and pulled from.

We use the GitFlow branching strategy and in this model, the master branch is reserved for production releases and developers are not allowed to commit directly to it; it can only be modified by merging another branch. In GitFlow, every commit to master, by definition, makes a new production release. We don't want a minor change in the build configuration to trigger a new production release! Therefore, it would be much better if we can control the branch where versioned settings are pushed to (the obvious choice, for GitFlow, would be the develop branch).

I can't see that there is currently a way to do this. Any ideas. anyone?
--Tim Long

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Hi Tim,

The default branch in VCS root is used as branch where the versioned settings are pushed. So you can create VCS root with default branch set to develop to push the versioned setting in it.


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