nupkg RSS is delayed since 9.0.2

We are using teamcity and octopus deploy. Lately octopus isn't getting latest versions of nupkgs from teamcity

Teamcity has a chain where it 1) compiles and runs tests  2) produces a nuget package  3) creates a release and deploys that release

This chain has worked like a charm for almost a year. The problem seems to correlate with our upgrade to TC 9.0.2

Seems to me like there is a cache/delay before nupkgs actually get publised on the teamcity feed that octopus is using.

I've attached screenshots that better explain the problem.

Anyone know what's going on? A bug or something that has changed and we need adjust our configurations?

3 - build-log.png
2 - authentication-nupkg.png
1 - deploy-dependency-chain.png
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Hi Ivar,

TeamCity publishes packages to NuGet feed in background. The delay could be caused by the increased load of NuGet feed.
The current NuGet feed approach does not take into account snapshot dependencies, please watch and vote for the related request in our tracker:
As for now you can use NuGet Dependency Trigger to start the deployment task when the package is updated.


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