Is it possible to have an aggregated unit test result (nunit + qunit)

Hi there,

im executing the nunit.console.exe to run my unit tests in order to export an xml file so it can be passed to sonarqube.
In this way teamcity is not able to provide progress on the nunit tests execution.
(It seems there is a workaround but it fails on another requirement)

After nunit I run my QUnit tests + coverage.

I wonder if it is possible to show an aggregated result of tests, I mean, counting both nunit and qunit tests.
If this isnt possible by default is there a way to customize it somehow ?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Ricardo,

There are two options for importing tests results into TeamCity:

  1. By reading an xml report file via importData service messages or XML report processing build feature (for example for nunit, mstests, etc).
  2. By adding service messages into the build script to report test runs. This makes it possible to display test results in real-time.

So you can report Nunit and QUnit test using service messages. In this case you will see QUnit tests alongside NUnit tests on the “Test” tab of the build.
Please see the related blog posts:,


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