Failed email and the changes it conatins.


We have a project that the source directory contains alot of folders that aren't directly related to our build (unfortunatly restructing isn't an option), some examples would be :

Database (*.sql files)
ToDo Lists
User Stories.

For this reason we have started to use "VCS Checkout Rules" to exclude these directories. So far so good, as when we now check into these folders our "VCS Trigger" doesn't fire and on the project page we don't see the list of total changes that are to be run in the next triggered build, such as chages(3).

The problem comes when we recieve the email saying the build has failed. Taking the example of the two checkins before are *.sql files and therefore don't trigger a build and the third one is a .cs file and the build triggers.

The failure email could look like the following :

Changes included: 3 changes.

Change 44936 by domain\user1 (1 file): defect 1234 - new cs file to adjust claim order

Change 44935 by domain\user2 (2 files): Renamed_script_name

Change 44934 by domain\user3 (1 file): Create a new table tc_team_city

However the first two checkins I don't want to show on email, as they weren't built (triggered) and only provide misleading information to the developer who gets the failed email, as they may wrongly assume the failure is in one of the checks they didn't do.

I would like the email to look more like :

Changes included: 1 changes.

Change 44936 by domain\user1 (1 file): defect 1234 - new cs file to adjust claim order

I have looked into the common.flt file to see the code that is being called and think I can create my own macro using "ChangesBean" interface and getBuild and GetModifications, to only show where builds.TriggerBy = Modifications.Username.

But before I head down this road, Has anyone else done something similar ? Am I creating a macro for a problem that has a much easier solution ? Ideally all the non source related folders would be at a higher level in the VCS and not trigger the build, but moving the VCS structure around at the moment isn't possible, so I need to look at another solution.



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Hi Jon,

There should be the list of changes that were included in the build that failed in the email. It seems like all three changes were checked out by this build. Please go to build's Changes tab and check the list of included changes.
Please attach screenshots of checkout rules and of Changes tab for this build.

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Hi Alina,

I think this was an oversight on my behalf.

I was looking at our nightly build thinking it was the gated build with rolled up ignored changes.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the silly question.


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