Running Team city in AWS EC2


I need some advise with respect to th problem of Ip address in AWS instance.  (I am also new to AWS and trying to decide the way to go in getting my AMI)

I have the following scenarios.

Scenario 1:

I would like to run Team city Server on my Mac and with two Agents in 2 amazon machine. One on Windows and another one on Ubuntu. My application need to run on  OSx, Ubuntu and Winows.

Scenario 2 (less likely):

Team city Server on an amazon.  1 on my ubuntu machine, an agent on windows and another agent on my mac.

Either way i have the same recurring problem. I would like to have some machine that i can stop and start to avoid charges. I do want to run those machine only when necessary.

I want my team city server to launch the machine with the agent when it has to. I want to launch my Team city server when i want to. A possible solution is scenario one. I could have the server running on my machine and only launch it when i want and have it launch the agent machine when required. I am the only one working on that project by the way. I want to learn how to use Amazon EC2 and Teamcity.  Later on i will introduce it in my organization.


How to deal with the fact that Ip adress seams to be reassigned every time you stop and restart an instance. How to deal with that ? Especially in the scenario 1 where the server would reside on m local machine. Do i need EC2-VPC ? and EIP ?

Please if any one could advise on the set up that would grealty help.

Many thanks,


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Hi Daniel,

There is a bundled support for Amazon EC2 in TeamCity. Linux and Windows cloud build agents instances are both supported.
The integration requires:

  • a configured virtual machine with an installed TeamCity agent in your cloud pre-configured to start the TeamCity agent on boot,
  • a configured cloud profile in TeamCity.

For each queued build TeamCity finds a matching cloud image with a compatible agent and starts a new instance for the image. Once an agent is connected from a cloud instance started by TeamCity, it is automatically authorized (provided there are available agent licenses). After that the agent is processed as a regular agent.

You can run TeamCity server on your local machine or on Amazon.

Please read about TeamCity integration with cloud solutions and about Amazon EC2 intergration.


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