Possible bug with inherited parameters?

Or I just don't know what I'm doing.
We have many projects, each containing (normally) a development and release build.  We've got templates that import a Repo parameter to pull the proper repository, which is neat, and we set the parameters on the project, and they're inherited by the build configurations.  Now, I'm lazy, so whenever we have a new project, I'll go to a project, Edit Project Settings, then Copy the project.  I'll then edit the parameter on the project.  Now, IMHO, this ought to update the parameter values on the build configurations, and if I enter a build configuration, it will read Name: Repo (inherited from project "New project name"). However, the value is the old inherited value, and I have to click "Reset" to get it to update to the proper value.

I kinda feel like this might be a feature I'm complaining about, but I can't imagine a situation I would ever want this to work that way.  Any tips?

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Hi Chris,

This works like you describe if you redefine the Repo parameter in the original build configuration (before copying). In this case the "Reset" button appears and if you change the Repo parameter on a project level it does not affect the redefined parameter in build configuration. The same behavior is for copied project.
Probably you will be interested in this feature request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-3287. Please vote for it.


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